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I don't want to settle for crumbs anymore.

 My name is Annelise and I am the founder of the ART GIRLS GALERIE. I am a gallery owner, curator, art critic and speaker specializing in the representation of female gaze in contemporary art and digital art. After 4 years of traveling exhibitions, we are opening a large 300m2 space in Boulogne Billancourt in September 2024.

 My fight 

I have dedicated the last 4 years of my life to women artists, and I will dedicate the next 40 to them.

Certainly, there is a real problem with the representation of women artists in the art market. Certainly, the weight of women artists is only 2% in the art market. But, it is not and will never be a question of percentage. The real question we must ask ourselves today is the question of the trace we wish to leave for future generations. Contemporary artistic creation is far from being an anecdotal subject. The latter shapes the collective visual unconscious.

I don’t exhibit women artists because they are women. I expose artists with unique stories and paths, who have the capacity to transmit them through their mastery of technique and aesthetics. I don’t expose women for the sake of exposing women. Never. Because female artists are not a charity. Women artists are professionals who only ask to be considered as such.

So I set up my gallery to treat them as such. Because investing money, providing means of production, working day after day to raise their stakes, setting up major exhibitions... That's the minimum. I set up my gallery because not addressing the question of the representation of women in our art history means leaving the little girls of tomorrow orphaned by strong models of representation.

I refuse to allow our little girls to open history books without discovering a single work by a female artist. I refuse that our time conveys a culture that forgets half of humanity.

 The team 

We strive day after day to put all of our skills, expertise and know-how at the service of our artists.


Do you want to work with us?

Contact us by mail.

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