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Art Pulse

The ART GIRLS gallery created the Art Pulse association which contributes to the creation of a digital world where female artists are fully valued and where their talent and creativity are celebrated without any form of discrimination.

2% is the weight of women artists in the art market. Women artists are less visible, less known, less exposed and less valued.

Our field of action

Corporate sponsorship

Art Pulse is a non-profit association whose activities fall within the framework of corporate sponsorship . Thus, any company wishing to support our mission through a donation will be able to benefit from a tax reduction of 60% of the amount of the donation made in cash, skills or in kind.


Become a patron

Support the promotion of our Heritage


Support female artists

We sell works of contemporary art or artistic projects created by the best women artists from around the world. You not only associate your brand with the cause of women artists, but with the most interesting women artists of our time: the women who will remain in the art history of tomorrow.


Promote artistic innovation

We work with the best female artists at the forefront of the latest technological advances. Our gallery is a true laboratory of artistic experimentation, we will be delighted to put all our skills at the service of your company and to give you privileged access to them.


Create your art collection

We are here to help you enrich your art collection. We are committed to offering you 2 very beautiful works per year from gallery artists per year of occupancy of your space. The gallery will not pay commission on these sales and will ensure payment of its artist's commission.


Offer extraordinary artistic experiences to your customers

We are committed to organizing twice a year (per year of occupation of your spaces), a high-end private artistic event for your partners, your prospects, your clients or your teams. All costs related to these events will be covered for the gallery and we will put all our skills at your service.


For the little girls of tomorrow

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