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Annelise Stern

  • Founder of the ART GIRLS gallery

  • Specialized speaker on women artists and new digital technologies

  • Author "The stupid questions of art"

  • Young photography collector

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"Artists have the power to create new images. These new images are the starting point for creating something else. The works of art we exhibit have only one purpose: to show us how the world could be if we did things differently.”


Annelise Stern (born in 1998) is a French curator, gallery owner, speaker and author specializing in female gaze(s) and the transmission of the latter(ies). This idea of a female gaze (concept developed by Laura Mulvey) offers a subversive and introspective approach which redefines the representation of the body and female identity in the field of cinema and by extension the visual arts.

In 2019, after a Bachelor in art market - contemporary art at the EAC (Paris), Annelise Stern founded her first art gallery with the artist Caroline de Boissieu dedicated to small works of art: MY LITTLE PAINTINGS . In 2020, she left this activity to devote herself to a new project, ART GIRLS, dedicated to the artistic expression of female gazes. Through this project, she organizes exhibitions, created a statistical database on the presence of female artists in French art fairs and even created the ART GIRLS TALKS podcast which gives a set of advice on managing their careers to women artists. At the same time, she is pursuing two Masters degrees at the Freie Universität in Berlin, in art history and gender studies. In 2020, she gives a series of conferences dedicated to women artists which explores subjects such as “Social networks, new artistic material” or “Women artists, feminism and pornography.”

In 2021, her discovery of web3 pushed her to create a personal collection of digital works by female photographers, which today brings together more than 300 pieces. She begins to host the “Girls morning” column of NFT MORNING with the artist JessyJeanne which presents portraits of women active in the digital space. In 2022, she co-founded with the artist JessyJeanne the collective of curators GXRLS REVOLUTION which works on the visibility of women artists in digital. With the curators Joséphine Louis, Léa Duhem and Marie-Odile Falais, they co-wrote and published the first: “CATALOG: 100 WOMXN ARTISTS TO FOLLOW IN THE NFT SPACE”, the first document to focus on this subject at the international. During 2023, the collective is organizing a series of exhibitions with the support of major collectors such as Jean-Michel Pailhon or Dan Polko, or European unicorns like TheSandbox. The works presented by the collective include large digital art collections such as those of the Arab Bank (Switzerland).

In 2023, she co-founded with art collector and former Sotheby's NFT specialist Brian Beccafico, the collective of fifty-fifty curators dedicated to the presentation of the new digital photographic scene which organizes a cycle of exhibitions. In 2024, she opens a 300m2 space dedicated to female gaze in 92 and publishes her new book “The future of the art world” which recounts a series of interviews with more than 150 young professionals from the art world. .


For any questions relating to the works or artists we present, contact me.

+336 32 93 07 45

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